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F1RS2013: Mod Formula1, GP2, Formula 3...Juegos

This mod follows the full spirit of rFactor. Physics were updated to 2013 rules without altering the main rFactor feeling. After a few laps you will notice the realism that rFactor achieved back in 2007 but with all rules, teams and drivers from the 2013 season.

Everything has been updated to follow the Formula 1 regulations in 2013: weights, fuel tanks capacity, rpm, power, pit stops, tyre wear and so on with the exception of: DRS and KERS because it forces you to use external programs that lower the yield and improve the feel of being there really riding. This mod has a lower incidence aereodinamica cars that will slipstream overtaking thereby causing a more pure and in the absence of KERS and DRS.

This mod adds the Formula 1 2013 season, FormulaRS (for owner teams), GP2, Formula 3, Formula Factor (same as Formula Renault) and an extra series of F1 cars.

The AI has been improved and calibrated so that the ability of drivers have been adjusted to allow a real racing experience in offline mode. If you want to know when your partner driver will stop just check the .gdb file (inside the location/nameofthecircuit folder).

This Mod is developed together with the F1RS-FRS-RecoTrackPack (F1RS-FRS-RTP)


Download: F1RS2013,FRS,GP2,F3-v4.1.rar (925.1 MB) | Drive | eLink | Torrent

This file contain:
- All equipment and cars and drivers F12013 season.
- Models and Textures F1 2013 F1.
- Teams and drivers championship by team owners FRS
- Ability to choose for the FRS, three LED colors for the wheel, real view mirrors in the cabin.
- Ability to choose for FRS; see pilot moving arms, still, or not see, FFB strength.
- Wheels with Pirelli P ZERO color code 2013 and prepared for the rain with RFE.
- RFE Plugin for rain.
- All teams, drivers and GP2 cars, 2010,2009,2008.
- All teams, drivers and cars of Formula 3 2009.
- Academy Racing Series cars Factor Formula (Similar to Formula Renault) (Tribute to rFactor and ISI)
- Safety Car Mercedes SLR AMG and CLK AMG.
- Parameters of Pilots for AI (Artificial Intelligence)
- Readme descriptive and informative, with all the parameters of the cars, temperatures, fuel consumption, etc..


F1RS2013 Update to version 4.1 to 5.0Juegos

F1RS2013,FRS,GP2,F3-v5.0_update_4.1_to_5.0.rar (3.138KB)

- Fixed problems with server crashes in rain with the incorporation of RFE 1.2 plugin.
- Adjustments in the behavior of the tires.

- Extract the files into the folder where you have installed the rFactor.
- For keep the driver historial, make a copy of UserData/Your Name/F1RS2013,GP2,F3-v4.cch and rename it F1RS2013,GP2,F3-v5.cch
- Run rFactor.

F1RS2013 Textures in low resolution & Optional patch.Juegos

If your computer is not very powerful and are experiencing problems when there are many cars on the track, you can install the textures FRS2013 F1RS2013 and low resolution.

Low Resolution Textures Set: Choice_Textures_Low_Resolution_for_F1RS2013,FRS,GP2,F3.rar (43.6 MB)


Only for FRS cars:

Sound Engine Set for choice: Choice_engine_sound_for_FRS2013.rar (34.3 MB)


These packages are compatible online together (do not give mismatch)


F1RS2013 Edition for dedicated servers.Juegos

Download: F1RS2013,FRS,GP2,F3-v4.1_Server_Edition_(Only_For_Dedi...rar (273.6 MB) | elink | Torrent

- Removed all unnecessary files to install the mod on dedicated servers and save a more than 1 GB of space per server.
- This edition is only to be installed on dedicated servers. Not work for driver on track.


Downloads rFactor.Juegos

To get the full version of rFactor
Download: rFactor v1.255 Full from official site rFactor (Approximately 1000MB)

To get Lite version of rFactor
Download: rFactor v1.255 Lite from RapidShare (Approximately 100MB)


F1RS2013 Previous versions and obsoletes patchesJuegos


We recommend our interactive guide adjustments. A fast and direct method to information on each setting, clicking on the screen capture settings of rFactor.

Interactive set-up guide for rFactor

We recommend this link if you want to increase the information on the screen, even see the amount of water on track Gid 1.1.4 full.rar (6.9 MB)




You can resolve your concerns, suggestions, problems and errors found in:

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